Yaya started her journey in Second Life by searching for a job that suited her tastes and interests. Searching through job boards and groups, she came across consulting, managerial, and match-making opportunities, but found her options limited, especially as a newcomer.

She soon discovered the world of virtual adult entertainment, where being a freelance escort or working in a sex club presented lucrative opportunities.

Yaya dove in head first, sharing her experiences and insights on a blog. She detailed the essentials of becoming a successful escort, emphasizing the importance of a good-looking avatar and a range of huds.

Despite her exploration in freelance regions like the bustling “hooker hotel,” she continued to seek alternative employment.

Turning her attention to other projects, Yaya sought different roles, eventually becoming a receptionist at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. This role required salesmanship, giving tours, answering queries, and convincing visitors to join the group. All topped off with providing the most exciting sex known to man.

Yaya and a friend, Joe. established Joe and Yaya’s Adult Hang Out. Unfortunately, this venture closed, prompting Yaya to join Bravestone Estates as the Sales and Marketing Manager. With a focus on low-priced skyboxes and quality furnishings, she embraced the world of virtual real estate.

As Candy’s transitioned to an on-demand model, Yaya shifted gears, now landing a position at the X-Sisters Sex bar.

Unapologetically embracing her love for wild sex, Yaya brings passion and that little bit of filthy innocence to her latest role as an X-Girl. A lover of Lovense and good sex with a juicy cock, Yaya is not to be missed.

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