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Horny? Ready to dive into passionate sex with someone unforgettable? Meet Chandra.

Chandra’s entrance into Second Life began just over a year ago, transforming from shyness and nervousness to becoming a magnetic and beloved figure at the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Chandra: The Radiant Energy of Second Life

Chandra radiates happiness and energy wherever she goes. Her chirpy and bouncy bouncy personality draws people in, that’s why she’s loved from from both X-Girls and Barflies alike (even if some higher management want to kill her regularly).

Chandra - Sex Escort in Second Life

Chandra’s Passion for Being Desired

Chandra finds her fun in being desired to the extent that Barflies are willing to spend on her. A Barfly’s ability to emote and touch on her kinks only makes it better.

Chandra’s Favorite Sexual Escapades

Chandra revels in wild, passionate sex. She loves being pushed against a wall and fucked hard, enjoying public sex and having a strong love for being fucked in the ass. She desires more Barflies to pound her ass, actually.

Chandra’s Wildest Sexual Encounters

Chandra has had some unique and fun sex encounters, including a quickie among zombies in a walking dead-like sim outside a farmhouse.

Ready to Experience Chandra?

Visit and Hire Chandra Today!

Experience the radiant and passionate world of Chandra in Second Life. Whether you’re looking for a wild encounter or a deep exploration of desires, Chandra is here to fulfill them all.

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