Chandra’s entrance into the virtual realm unfolded just over a year ago, a tale of shyness and nervousness that has undergone a massive transformation.

Chandra’s journey shows the limitless possibilities within Second Life. It extends beyond personal growth, showing how a virtual world can empower and uplift individuals in ways previously unimaginable.

What distinguishes Chandra is her innate ability to radiate happiness and energy wherever she goes. This magnetic quality draws people in, earning her adoration from both X-Girls and Barflies alike.

An invitation from a friend prompted her initiation into Second Life. Intrigued by the potential of SL, she embarked on her journey, facing initial challenges and the need for a pixel-perfect appearance. The process involved days of learning, cursing, and hunting for freebies until she was satisfied with her identity.

Brighter days dawned when she met Caro, who offered her a job at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel (a place that would go on to form the circle of friends that forms the foundation of the X-Girls). Initially nervous about the new role, Chandra found camaraderie among the Candygirls, forming lasting friendships that endure to this day.

In terms of inspiration, Chandra aims to make SL a fun experience for herself and others. She is amazed by the close connections forged despite geographical distances and pixelated representations. Notably, the generosity of Jess, offering Chandra a rent-free place to stay at her house, left a lasting impact.

When it comes to sex, Chandra finds her fun in being desired to the extent that Barflies are willing to spend on her. A Barfly’s ability to emote and touch on her kinks enhances the appeal.

As for her favourite style of sex, she embraces the wild kind, revelling in the passion of being pushed against a wall and fucked hard. She enjoys public escapades and has a penchant for anal, expressing a desire for more Barflies to pound her ass.

Chandra has had some weird sex encounters too, including a walking dead-like sim where she experienced a quickie amongst zombies outside a farmhouse.