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When Bunny graced the X-Sisters Bar with her presence, it was immediately evident that she embodied the quintessence of an X-Girl.

X-Girls, an exceptional phenomenon, aren’t just anyone; they possess that rare blend of physical and mental qualities. Bunny, however, perfectly encapsulates this description.

Her allure stems from a seamless fusion of beauty, warmth, charisma, and a touch of untamed wildness – a magical combination that resonates on every level.

Spending mere moments with her and you understand the admiration she receives from both the barflies and her fellow X-Girls.

Bunny’s journey in Second Life began as a mix of curiosity and boredom during the first Covid lockdowns. Introduced by an RL friend, Bunny found herself immersed in this addictive virtual world. Despite a hiatus in 2022, the pull of Second Life brought her back this year with a new account, fresh start, and renewed excitement. The people she cares about, the boundless exploration, and the opportunity to be creative and wild keep her addicted to this virtual realm.

In the realm of intimacy, Bunny is turned on by confident men who know what they want. Public sex, being seen by others, and the excitement of being paid for such encounters serve as significant turn-ons. She enjoys trying different things and engaging in sex in unusual places, even welcoming a bit of roughness.

As for her venture into sex work, Bunny’s love for sex, unexpected adventures, a penchant for money, and a shopping addiction led her to combine it all and embrace the world of sex work. Challenging herself, she started her current SL account with no money, gradually perfecting her avatar with the earnings.

Bunny’s favorite style of sex involves a mix of roughness, wild passion, and desire. The weirdest place she’s engaged in intimate encounters was the boxing ring at the X-Sisters Boxing Orgy Event, a hot and steamy yet unconventional location. The hottest places for her include a club full of people and a hotel room, relishing the thrill of being seen by others.

Being a part of the X-Girls and Barflies community holds significant meaning for Bunny. It transcends the traditional notion of a brothel or strip club in SL; it’s a community that embodies fun, chaos, and steamy hot encounters without drama or jealousy. Bunny is genuinely glad to be an integral part of this amazing journey.

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