Rules of the bar


Welcome to The X-Sisters Sex Bar, where we celebrate diversity and welcome guests of all genders and sexual preferences.

We aim to create an atmosphere of fun, excitement, and fantasy where everyone can indulge in their wildest desires. Our venue’s appearance and the interactions between guests and staff contribute to creating the perfect ambiance for an erotic night out.

While nudity is allowed, we expect all guests to dress in good taste and to comply with our dress code standards. The X-Sisters Sex Bar management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not meet our dress code or rules.

You must be a member of our group to hire any of our staff. Services and rates are not included in the membership fee, but for the rates specified on our menus, you can bask in the ultimate satisfaction with our lovely ladies.

You can hire our girls to take off premises. This comes at an additional fee of 500L on top of the standard service rate.

Any additional services such as Voice etc. are charged at an additional rate and these are set at the discretion of the individual staff member.

The Law of the land

When you enter The X-Sisters Sex Bar, or any other areas belonging to us, you agree to be bound by our rules.

  • Our staff are not here to be your RL girlfriend. They will not disclose RL information to you. If you ask you are in violation of this rule and a permanent ban is applicable.
  • No freelance escorts. This is a private establishment and freelancers will be banned without warning.
  • All payments must be made through the tip jar. No direct payments are permitted.
  • All payments for services must be made in advance, there is no negotiation on this matter. Our rates are for time, so this includes BDSM, basic submission etc. Any time spent with an X-Girl is paid upfront.
  • Don’t be rude, our staff take their time to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. At least have the decency to be polite back.
  • No attempted poaching of staff. We don’t care if you have a new club that looks cool, our staff are not here for you to poach.
  • No timewasting. If you have zero intention of hiring our X-Girls but allow them to think that you are, or if you intend on hanging around for hours without valuing their time hired or not then we will eject you on first instance and ban on second. This is not a free hangout.
  • If you are spending time at the bar for whatever reason then please allow our staff to do their jobs. Do not interfere, do not jump in where you’re not invited. If you do then we will eject you on first instance and ban on second.
  • Speak with the X-Girl before making a hire. Making payment under the assumption of hire will not guarantee it under certain circumstances. i.e the X-Girl is about to leave or you hire one of our FemDommes when you are looking for a sub. Our staff do not have to take part in scenarios that do not fit their ilk.
  • Our staff love being spoiled. You can take them shopping as long as you’re paying (No sex included) for the standard home delivery rate for 30 minutes.
  • Be respectful. Acknowledge hellos, don’t degrade and treat all staff with respect.
  • No child-like avatars or age play.
  • Our Staff will not IM you first. While we encourage local chat, if you are looking to book some time then feel free to IM them
  • Please keep genitalia covered unless they are in use
  • Weapons are allowed and also encouraged
  • No particles that obstruct the view of others.
  • No poaching or begging. Attempts to sell products or services without the express permission of our management team will not be tolerated.
  • No AFK. If you have to be AFK for any longer than 5 minutes then please exit the building.
  • No spamming, flooding, or griefing. Please respect our guests and staff.
  • Harassment, disrespect, or heckling of our staff and guests is strictly prohibited and may result in ejection and possible banning.
  • Spanking spam should be kept to a minimum.
  • While we encourage local roleplay emotes. If you are spam emoting or just yelling in caps you will be eject on first instance, banned on second.
  • As it relates to the motel – Using the motel bell and not following through with a hire is looked at as intentionally wasting our staffs time. This will result in an instant ban.

…and finally

X-Sisters Sex Bar management reserves the right to define what is considered annoying or excessive use of sim resources.

We wish you a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience at The X-Sisters Sex Bar!

Jess X
X-Sisters Sex Bar Owner