What Is An X-Girl?

Simply put, the X-Girls are an exclusive group of escorts and entertainers who are taking Second Life by storm. These women are more than just a pretty face; they are an exceptional brand, and the cream of the crop when it comes to the virtual world’s escorting elite. Known not just for their stunning looks, the X-Girls are brimming with charisma and personality.

What sets them apart is their unique appeal and versatility. Each X-Girl can adapt to what you need, giving life to your wildest imaginations. With their special blend of talent, they’ve transformed the role of sex worker, making them much more than what meets the eye.

With their growing popularity, the X-Girls are backed by exciting ventures. They have their own magazine, filled with exclusive content, and a line of merchandise for fans to feel closer to their favourite digital divas.

Here’s the catch, not everyone can be an X-Girl. These women aren’t just chosen, they’re born with the X-factor. We only hire those that are the absolute best Second Life has to offer.

Discover the magnetism of the X-Girls, where being a star is not a status, it’s a lifestyle. Welcome to the universe of the X-Girls, Second Life’s elite.