Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Especially when it’s a Second Life Happy Hour. Generally, there are few places in the virtual or real world where you can find your favourite girls offering discounted services on a weekly basis. Of course, at X-Sisters, we’re proud to stand out and be different.

The Second Life Happy Hour Twist

So, every Wednesday, X-Sisters Sex Bar will host an exclusive Happy Hour from 4-6 pm SLT, a must-visit event for any bar or sex enthusiast in Second Life. What makes this happy hour special? The X-Sisters twist!

Chiefly, during our happy hour, we provide a variety of services at discounted rates:

  • 5% off on 1-hour non-VIP sex sessions
  • 10% off VIP lounge hires with 2+ X-Girls hired simultaneously
  • Upgrade a regular lap dance to the VIP room for double the bar price

Discounts and Offers:

All other services remain at their standard prices, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Detailed Discounted Services

SEX SESSIONS – 5% off on 1-hour hires in the bar (excludes Hot Locations and VIP areas) The discount applies to sessions of 1 hour or more. Here’s a quick reference for our discounted prices:

  • GOURMET (in the bar only): 60 minutes – 2,190L
  • CUMING SOON ROOM: 60 minutes – 2,570L
  • DARKFOLD ROOM: 60 minutes – 2,380L

Please note, 30-minute sessions are not eligible for discounts; the minimum duration is 1 hour.

VIP LOUNGE HIRES – 10% off hires with 2+ X-Girls at the same time

To enjoy these savings, a minimum hire of two X-Girls for at least one hour is required. Prices below are per X-Girl, with the total cost for 2 and 3 X-Girls in parentheses:

  • 1 hour: 2,880L (x2: 5,760L; x3: 8,640L)
  • 2 hours: 5,220L (x2: 10,440L; x3: 15,660L)

UPGRADED LAP DANCE – Double the regular lap dance prices to enjoy the session in the VIP Lap Dance Room

  • 15 minutes (Clothed): 600L
  • 15 minutes (Topless): 800L
  • And 15 Minutes (Striptease): 1,600L

Of course, all services must be prepaid to ensure smooth and enjoyable fuck sessions.

What Makes X-Sisters’ Second Life Happy Hour Unique?

The amazing atmosphere and exceptional service at X-Sisters set us apart. Our happy hour is more than just a time to unwind and get maximum pleasure. It’s an experience designed to provide ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment in Second Life. We invite you to join us every Wednesday and take advantage of these fantastic offers.

In a word, whether you’re looking for a relaxing hour with one of our talented X-Girls or planning a memorable night in the VIP lounge with friends to share a few X-Girls, X-Sisters promises a happy hour like no other.

Mark Your Calendar for the Best Second Life Happy Hour

Make the most of your Wednesday evenings by visiting X-Sisters during our happy hour. With discounted services, a welcoming atmosphere, and the company of our amazingly hot X-Girls, there’s no better place to be in Second Life.


What are the timings for the happy hour at X-Sisters?

  • Our happy hour is every Wednesday from 4-6 pm SLT.

What discounts are offered during the happy hour?

  • We offer 5% off on 1-hour non-VIP sex sessions and 10% off VIP lounge hires with 2+ X-Girls hired simultaneously.

Can I upgrade a lap dance during happy hour?

  • Yes, you can upgrade a regular lap dance to the VIP room by doubling the bar price.

Are all services discounted during happy hour?

  • No, only specific services are discounted during happy hour. All other services are priced normally.

Is upfront payment required for happy hour services?

  • Yes, all services must be paid for in advance.

How can I ensure I get a spot during happy hour?

  • It’s best to arrive early or even make a booking to make sure you can take advantage of the happy hour offers.

Round Up

Join us at X-Sisters for an unforgettable Second Life happy hour experience. With our unique twist on classic happy hour deals, we offer something truly special. Enjoy discounted services, exclusive VIP perks, and an amazing atmosphere every Wednesday from 4-6 pm SLT. Don’t miss out on the best happy hour in Second Life!

Click here for a direct teleport to the X-Sisters Sex Bar.