Apartment Rentals

Renters definitely get their money’s worth in our top-tier apartments, rented out at a modest 300L weekly. Each suite is fitted with premium furniture that you can call up on demand. Whether it’s a comfy sofa, a plush bed, or some BDSM equipment, you get to choose when and what to use via the rezzers. There’s no scarcity in quality brands – from Darkfold and Cuming Soon to Lalou and Rawage, the world of adult furniture is your oyster.

What you get:

– 300L per week / 50 prims

– The apartments come with up-to date quality furniture from Darkfold, Cuming Soon, Lalou, Rawage and can be changed through rezzers

– Own security system 

– Deimos Ultimate TV with pre-installed XXX Addon

Additional perk: The apartments come with our rentable RLV XXX-Doll Amy! Rent her for 100L per hour take her anywhere across the grid, have fun with her!

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