Jess, a sex worker, blogger, and explorer, is the mastermind behind the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Her realm of pleasure lies in sadistic domination, relishing in transforming men into her pets and toys. The satisfaction she derives is from watching hearts break through pleading eyes, an act that defines her dominance.

While pandering to men’s egos is beyond her scope, Jess is open to vanilla fun but never as a submissive. Her journey began with the story of Candy in the Second Life Adventures universe. Inspired, Jess leapt into virtual sex work, launching her blog “Jess and her Gentlemen” to share her escapades.

Venturing into Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel marked a turning point. Beyond employment, Jess found empowerment and self-confidence, shaping her blog into a space for candid insights into Second Life’s realm of sex and relationships. As her readership grew, so did the connections, transforming friendships into life-changing companionships.

Teaming up with her sister, Lumi, Jess ventured into entrepreneurship. Starting with a merchandise store, they expanded to create the X-Sisters Sex Bar—a hit in the Second Life sex community. The success led to multiple locations, extending the brand’s influence.

Unafraid of tackling complex subjects, Jess uses her platform to explore human desires and virtual relationships intricately. Above all, her journey is about fun, self-discovery, and celebrating each step along the way.

Jess’s insatiable love for sex is evident. If you’re lucky, she’ll let you play with her Lovense toy and make her cum hard. She embodies an experience cherished by many and sought by more.


Exhibitionist Sex
Being in control in the bedroom
Wild sex


Men who assume every woman they meet is submissive
Anyone that attempts to dominate me (it won’t end well, don’t even try)
Being pet named