Drinks System

Our Second Life drinks system is based on the infamous Bar No.5 system. While ours is vastly different and is constantly being updated, the core concept remains the same. Buy the X-Girls drinks, watch them dance, drink with them and they make money.

We have both beer and champagne available for purchase. Out staff get 35L when they recycle a beer and 50L when they recycle a champagne. We don’t believe in a 50/50 cut on drinks, why would we? We exist to make our staff money, that is our very foundation.

When the drinks are filled, any staff member with the X-Girl tag above their head can collect a drink that can be recycled. For anyone not staff, they can still collect a drink and share in the fun but those drinks can’t be recycled.

During seasonal and special events we tend to have exclusive drinks available. Irish Ale, Halloween Brew and Egg Nog to name a few.

Our drinks come with rewards. Not only are you making sure that our staff are looked after and not thirsty but buy a certain amount of either and you get either fully nude X-Girls or a live sex show on the bar in front of your eyes.

Drinks purchased in one of our locations can only be recycled in that location. That means if you buy drinks at our flagship bar, they can only be recycled at our flagship bar. This also applies for Gutter Trash Alley and Street Whores.

Our drinks system is available for franchise, please reach out to discuss.