In the world of Second Life, Lovense isn’t just a pleasure enhancer it’s a gateway to ecstasy that transcends the boundaries of imagination. At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, we’ve made an art out of indulging in the fun of Lovense, with our sultry X-Girls immersing themselves in its intoxicating sensations. Pleasure reaching heights so unimaginable that it becomes a mythical thing.

Yet, within the vast virtual landscape, there’s a very noticeable void—a lack of attention paid to the desires of frequent escort users. Many clubs exploit the allure of Lovense, attaching steep prices to the fun of controlling a customer’s device. At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, we reject such notions. We believe in celebrating the pure, unbridled joy that Lovense brings to Second Life.

You can have your Lovense device under the skilful control of our X-Girls, with no additional cost beyond what you’re already investing in the pleasure of the X-Girls. Our Lovense Room is built for this, but the entire bar pulses with the rhythm of Lovense energy, ready to take your experience to new heights.

Whether you own the Max2, the Nora, or the playful Lush3, come to the X-Sisters Sex Bar and immerse yourself in an extraordinary fusion of passion and the hottest escorts on the grid. Haven’t experienced the magic of Lovense yet? What are you waiting for? Purchase one here, and let an X-Girl guide you into a realm where every moment is a crescendo of bliss. Anticipation hangs in the air; be ready to surrender to a wave of pleasure at the intersection of seduction and innovation. Your journey into ecstasy awaits.

Lovense in Second Life at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Lovense Offerings

At the X-Sisters Sex Bar we have multiple options for the use of Lovense. From basic room use knowing that our X-Girls are climaxing hard with their toys to the option of voice play.

Voice play is not on our main menu, we give every X-Girl an opt-in option for this. Some offer the service and some prefer the immersion of text roleplay. We respect it and don’t force our staff into anything, every X-Girl keeps their ability to make their own decisions in the workplace. We believe that this brings a much better environment for both staff and customers alike. This means that we allow our X-Girls to set their own rates for voice play so ask them and have some fun.

Second Life shouldn’t be a place where the cost of pleasure is higher than what you would pay for an escort in the real world and we understand that. Our bar was based on a simple concept, premium experience at affordable rates.

Some of our X-Girls absolutely thrive on the pleasure of their Lovense toys. Jess, Bunny and Lilith to name a few. So why not come down and experience it for yourself?