At the X-Sisters Sex Bar we pride ourselves on being the hottest and best escorts on the grid. With that in mind we have some requirements to work here.

X-Girls are an exclusive group of escorts and entertainers. These women are more than just a pretty face; they are a brand, and the cream of the crop when it comes to the virtual world’s elite. Known not just for their stunning looks, the X-Girls are brimming with charisma and personality.

With their growing popularity, the X-Girls are backed by exciting ventures. They have their own magazine, filled with exclusive content, and a line of merchandise including calendars, fleshlights, clothing and more. All of these are additional income streams for each X-Girl.

But here’s the catch, not everyone can be an X-Girl. These women aren’t just chosen, they’re born with the X-factor. We only hire those that are the absolute best Second Life has to offer.

We only hire dedicated staff. If you are looking to apply here as another option in your never-ending list of sims to jump between to try and make fast money then this is not the place for you. At X-Sisters you will not make ‘fast money’, in fact your chances of making ‘fast money’ anywhere on the grid are very slim. But you will make exceptionally good money provided you put in the effort required.

Every X-Girl we hire must meet key personality points. They must be engaging and know how to really hold good conversations. They must have the mindset of ‘we not me’. If you are only out for yourself then you will not make anything here. We are a family, we work together to have fun and to make our income. X-Girls are required to be intuitive and observational. Whether that is paying attention to what our customers say or what their needs are or something simple such as keeping up to date with group notices. X-Girls are the best in every way and that’s what both sets them apart and brings them in the income that they make.

We look for an all rounded package. Looks, personality, attitude and ability to do the simple things and follow guidelines, rules and policies.

Body and head requirements

Head: Lelutka or Catwa HDPro any EvoX Mapped head

Body: Maitreya Lara or Lara X, Legacy or Reborn only

Scripted Genitalia: The V-Bento or VAW Rigged or Sensations

Hair: Doux, Rama, Stealthic, Truth or Magika, S-Club, Wings. Any other hair will be checked for quality.

Skin: MILA, Not Found, Velour + It Girls or Velour + Picasso Babe.

Physics: Should be somewhat natural. Not bouncing around constantly or pulling apart in ridiculous manners.

Other requirements

Have an account age of 90 days or more.

Be able to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Be able to communicate in English without the use of a translator.

Not be a Manager/Owner of another escort venue.

Not have more than one pick advertising another escort venue.