Christina, a seasoned resident of the Second Life community and a stalwart in the realm of sex work, has a rich history that predates her tenure at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. At Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel, fate intervened when she crossed paths with Jess and Lumi, leading her to eventually join the fun venture of their newly launched bar.

Her extensive experience is the bedrock of her popularity, evident in her presence during the early morning EU hours, casually propping up the bar with her signature cigarette creating an unmistakable silhouette. Christina is the embodiment of an X-Girl, an archetype she effortlessly personifies.

Fearless and unyielding, there’s little that phases her in this world. Aptly described as the “whores’ whore,” Christina navigates the landscape of desires with unmatched expertise. A glance at her profile reveals a delightful quirkiness—playing the cello in unconventional spaces, catering to weddings (and husbands), and offering to care for partners left idle during shopping sprees.

Her benevolence extends beyond the allure of the X-Sisters bar, as she consistently lends a caring hand to those in need. Whether it’s looking after partners left stranded or providing a refuge for the companions of enthusiastic shoppers, Christina’s compassionate nature sets her apart.

Yet, it’s not just her caring demeanour that captivates; it’s the artistry of her very being. Christina possesses a tongue that seems to have been touched by divine inspiration. With a mere flick, she can excite, enchant, and drive anyone to the brink of ecstasy.