NOW CLOSED – We love Gutter Trash Alley and we encourage everyone to continue to visit it and make it their roleplay home. However for us, our interest were misaligned with the roleplay purpose and so we made the difficult decision to close. All staff have now been relocated to our Street Whores location.

In the depths of Gutter Trash Alley, an aged, dilapidated brothel springs to life under the banner of the X-Sisters brand. This roleplay sim, centered around crime, prostitution, and adventurous sex, has become our third home, and we absolutely adore it.

Our bar at Gutter Trash Alley is where the really seedy stuff happens. From FinFom (Which we don’t permis in the flagship bar) to forced (paid for) roleplay. It is an experience all on its own.

Come and visit us and see why even premium whores thrive in the gutter.

The Bar