Step into the extraordinary world of the X-Sisters, where two sisters named Jess and Lumi have brought their unique vision to life. What began as a small venture selling X-Sisters Merchandise quickly turned into a journey that would lead them to open their own sex bar: the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Drawing from their experiences at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel, Jess and Lumi had an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The X-Sisters Sex Bar is a haven for those seeking an extraordinary encounter, not just for the individuals who engage in intimate encounters with the X-Girls but also for the X-Girls themselves. With their weapons in hand, a penchant for chaos, a knack for car vandalism, ownership of a tank, an affinity for explosives, and an insatiable desire for cock, the X-girls embody what it is to be a whore.

Initially, the sisters established a small store to sell their X-Sisters Merchandise, aiming to fund their ambitious dream of owning their own island. Surprisingly, within the first few days, they generated more money than they expected. However, they soon encountered issues with their landlord, who disapproved of their sale of “blowjob tickets,” both due to prudishness and its status as their best-selling item.

In response, Jess and Lumi relocated to a larger space, where Lumi conceived the brilliant idea of combining a bar and store. Lumi then moved on leaving Jess as sole owner.

The X-Sisters Sex Bar is a place of excitement, offering an array of unique experiences for its barflies. For instance, Sasha and Chandra, two of the best X-Girls, are currently engaged in a friendly competition to determine who is the biggest slut. As a result, they often find themselves engaged in threesomes, much to the delight of the barflies.

Inside the main bar, a baseball bat rests atop the counter, enticing the X-Girls who seek a moment reprieve from getting fucked hard. Dee and Fox, in particular, are fond of “bat riding”.

To partake in the X-Sisters’ world, you can sign up for the group for 200L. With three locations available, including the main bar situated on its own parcel another at Gutter Trash Alley and another at Street Whores, the X-Sisters Sex Bar offers ample opportunities for living life to the fullest.

Join the X-Girls, as they redefine the boundaries of entertainment and pleasure. The X-Sisters Sex Bar awaits, ready to please you like no other.